Harmony Row Campus, Ennis, Co. Clare

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Education plays a key role in our development so that as mature individuals we are capable of making a positive contribution to the society in which we live. The move to second level education represents an important step in that developmental process.

As you contemplate this important milestone in your sons/daughters education. We invite you to consider what Ennis Community College has to offer in this respect.

Staff and senior students at the college work collaboratively to ensure the transition from primary to secondary level is achieved as smoothly as possible and our Care Team is available to deal with any concerns or anxieties which may arise during this time.

Our policy on restricting class size in First Year guarantees individualised attention from a highly qualified and experienced teaching staff. Recognising the importance of parental influence in the education process, Ennis Community College is committed to working closely with parents so that as a team we may work more effectively at helping each student maximise his/her potential.

The provisions of a broad-based and varied curriculum affords students the opportunity to develop their unique talents and skills across a range of programmes.

This is complemented by the wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer and the highly developed Resource Department caters for students who have special educational needs. Ennis Community College has a long and proud history of providing an inclusive and co-educational experience for its students.

Mission Statement
Ennis Community College with the co-operation of its educational partners will continue to provide an environment where each student is cherished equally and is nurtured to a personal, intellectual and moral maturity.

The school is committed to creating an atmosphere of excellence in learning by challenging pupils to reach their full potential.

The school will foster an appreciation of the arts, our National culture and all other cultures and ethnicities in response to an ever changing society.

The school is multi-denominational and provides equality of access to children of all social, cultural & religious backgrounds. The characteristic spirit of the school is one of care and attention to all students, irrespective of economic circumstance, gender, sexual orientation, religious or philosophical outlook, race or social situation. It aspires to provide a holistic education encompassing, as far as practicable, all dimensions of the student’s being.